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Libelle IT Group provides you an exclusive access to its software products Libelle DataMasking & Libelle SystemCopy

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Free Demo of Our Products

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Note: This is a demo version, which is only meant for demonstrating how our product is to be used and what it can do. Do not use with your production data!

Info: You can get up to three tries for each product! For security reasons, we only accept applications with coporate E-mail domains.

Sign Up for a Free Demo in just 3 Steps!

You only need to confirm your identity, so we can make sure it's really you. We will then provide you access to our product running on a dedicated instance.

Step 1: Fill out the Form and select a demo product

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Fill out the form by providing information about yourself. When selecting the product you want to get a demo for, please also make sure to select the region that is closest to you. This will improve your experience due to decreased response times.

Step 2: Confirm your E-mail address

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Once you have filled out the form, you will be notified via E-mail. Here, you are prompted to confirm your E-mail address so we can make sure the information you have provided is correct and can support you in case there are any issues with the demo.

Step 3: Connect to the dedicated instance

Icon of a monitor showing the GUI of a program

Your demo access is ready! An E-mail will be sent to you with the credentials to the dedicated instance our product is running on. Once you have connected, you will find further instructions on how to use our product. Furthermore, you will be notified once the demo has stopped. Enjoy!

More Information

Can I use the demo all by myself without help from your side?

Yes! The demos we provide to you are to be experienced all by yourself and without us being involved!

Where can you find documentation on how to use the product?

Once you have successfully connected to the dedicated instance, you will be greeted with all the instructions that you need to get started. We also provide you a thorough documentation there.

Is it really a free demo or are there any hidden costs?

This is indeed a 100% free demo, there are no hidden costs.

How long does one demo last for and how do I know when it ends?
  • Libelle SystemCopy: 2 hours
  • Libelle DataMasking: 6 hours

We will tell you what the exact time is at which we will terminate the access. We do not send another notificaiton E-mail when the time is near running out.

How is the number of used tries computed?

Due to security reasons, we limit the number of tries based on companies. To avoid misunderstandings, we suggest that you communicate with your team before submitting a request.

I enjoyed using the product! How can I obtain a fully-featured license?

At the end of your demo, we will send you the respective whitepaper, so you can read about the product once again. To then get in contact with us regarding licensing, you can just write us an E-mail or give us a call. All the information can be found at www.libelle.com/contact.